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Residential Training

Waiting list: September 2023

(Updated on 31/03/23)

Training a dog is not always simple and it can be a very lengthy process. We understand that most farmers do not have the time to train their dog to work sheep on top of all the general work around the farm. Therefore the best solution for them is to send their dog away for training so it has a good understanding of its job and learns the basics.   They can then put this into practice at home.


Things to note…


  • Average waiting list is 6 months. Please contact us about this to put your name on our waiting list.

  • We deal with dogs with problems and with young dogs to  make them useful to you.

  • Once your dog is in the kennels then it can stay training until you are happy.

  • Training is done as quickly as possible however it is important that dogs aren’t rushed.

  • Food is included in the price. We feed all of our dogs CSJ which they all do very well on. any queries on this then let me know.


What we offer…


  • Dogs are trained a minimum of 5 times a week, up to a full week depending on farm work.

  • They are walked daily with other dogs that are in for training providing that they get along. This allows them to have a bit of time out of the kennel and play with the other dogs too.

  • Updates of how your dog is progressing will be sent to you by video, so you can see how its training is coming along.

  • A free lesson with your dog before it leaves to make sure you fully understand how to handle the dog before he/she goes home.

  • Large kennels so your dog has plenty of room to move around in.

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