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1-2-1 Lessons

90% of the lessons that we provide are on a one to one basis. This means that each lesson can be structured and tailored to both the dog and handler which is vital. 

The method that is used when training the dogs is a simple method that revolves around using lots of body language and applying pressure on the ground to teach the dog what you would like them to do. These lessons are suitable for dogs of different ages from puppies to adults and to dogs that have problems after they have started working. 

The main aim for most people is to have a useful and helpful dog for general sheep work and one that isn't a problem or nuisance. However there are a small minority of dogs that have that 'something special' and this is what many people are looking for as they make good trialling dogs. 

It is important to remember that every dog is different so we tailor our lessons to your dogs individual needs. It is also important to remember that not every dog will be as good as your last or in some cases, maybe better!

121 sheepdog lesson
121 sheepdog lesson
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